Plan 2: Ordinary Endowment Insurance Plan.


The policyholder will receive full sum assured on maturity and the beneficiary of the policyholder will receive full sum assured on death of the policyholder within the term of the policy. This sort of policy is effective to ensure economic freedom in retirement period and to provide capital for business investment. This plan is also applicable for those policyholders who aspire to save for a longer period of time. The duration of the term is generally 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years and maximum age limit to receive endowment is 70 years.



•     The premium rate is relatively less

•     If the policyholder is alive on maturity of the policy, he/she will receive the full sum assured on a single go.

•     If the policyholder dies within the duration of the term, then his/her nominee(s) is given the full sum assured

•     There is income tax rebate available on the premium in this policy, and the money received from the insurance claim is also income tax free.

•     The policyholder will attain Surrender Value if the policy is enforced for two years.

•     A policyholder can receive Double indemnity accident Benefit (DIAB) and Permanent Disability and Accidental Benefit (PDAB) under this plan.


Terms and conditions:

•     The minimum age of a policyholder has to be 18/20 years and the maximum age is 55 years.

•     There are no rebates available on the rates listed in this plan.

•     There are no premium rebates available for a large sum policy.

•     Premiums are taken yearly, but premiums can also be given in a quarterly and half yearly basis.

•     Half yearly premium installments: annual premium x 0.525

•     Quarterly premium installments:  annual premium x 0.275


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